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Sick of ‘growth services’? So are we.

It’s okay, we’ve fallen for it too. 99.8% of these services use the same, catastrophic schemes.

Bad Method


A human connects your Instagram to unsecure software, like Massplanner, using your password and performs thousands of actions to attract users.

Negative Impact

Ingenuine Actions

Instagram clearly states in their community guidelines that you need to “foster meaningful and genuine interactions”. Automation blatantly breaks that rule.

Bad Method

Spammy Behavior

Mass following, unfollowing, liking, commenting, viewing and messaging is performed on behalf of “you”, 24/7 in hopes someone will follow or engage back.

Negative Impact

Angry People

Spamming people with irrelevant comments or following and unfollowing them does nothing to promote a happy, interested, engaging fan base.

Bad Method

Growth Fraud

Services buy cheap, fake followers and engagement with your money from 3rd-party bot providers called panels — and send them to your Instagram page.

Negative Impact

Inauthentic Audience

Fake growth inflation makes your page inauthentic and hurts you in the long run. What good are follower counts and engagement if none of it is real?

End Result

Performing these tactics not only hurts your reputation but also puts your account at risk of being blocked, shadowbanned or worse — deleted by Instagram for breaking their TOS.

Introducing a better, more impactful growth strategy.

Gratuities brings amazing brands, active non-profits and authentic influencers together — to create impactful campaigns that generate massive growth.

Our Way

Giveaway “Pool”

Our marketing experts implement and monitor a professional giveaway “pool” with a small group of influencers similar to you in size, industry and audience.

Positive Impact

Massive Growth

Similar to engagement pods, “giveaway pools” help generate massive growth — since all influencers combine their efforts and cross-promote each other.

Our Way


Gratuities strategically selects amazing brands and non-profits relevant to each influencer’s industry to ensure maximum success across the board.

Positive Impact

Max Participation

With an awesome brand, a perfect prize, a noteworthy cause and quality influencers all working in sync — interested, relevant users are drawn to the hype.

Our Way

Validated Influencers

We hand-select and analyze all influencers on our platform using 3rd-party verified tools like HypeAuditor to ensure their audience is authentic and active.

Positive Impact

Authentic Fans

By verifying that all influencers have an authentic fan base — each influencer knows their being placed in front of thousands to millions of real, relevant fans.

End Result

Gratuities helps influencers reach millions of relevant people, support important causes and give back to their loyal fans; all without putting their reputation or account in jeopardy.

Change your growth strategy for better, now.

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