Gratuities for social growth

A true growth blueprint you can count on—no antics

Reach millions. Give back. Win-win.
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How it works

Sign up for an account and select the types of brands you would like to partner with for campaigns.
Gratuities analyzes your Instagram to determine how much of your audience is authentic and active.
You’ll be matched with similar influencers and a relevant, professional giveaway pool is set up.
The giveaway is cross-promoted to real people; attracting mass attention and awareness to its hosts and cause.

What makes our social growth solution different

No bots. No risks. No worries

Reach millions of real people without manipulating or awakening the sleeping giant.

As of 2019, Instagram has begun hitting social growth services hard with new AI-learning tools that aim to identify and stop automation on their platform.

Hello to full transparency

Gratuities method is plainly explained, highly-effective and follows Instagram’s rules.

There’s no way around Instagram restrictions. Services offering unique formulas or algorithms are being dishonest; since there’s no such thing.

Goodbye to inauthenticity

Attract actual humans to your base; increasing your notoriety and authenticity.

Inauthentic fans are bad for business and turn away potential partnerships. Gratuities assists in building your brand appeal and value with the utmost genuinity.

Give and you shall receive

Gratuities promotions support and highlight noteworthy non-profits around the globe.

With each contest, participants are encouraged to view a featured non-profit to help bring awareness to their cause as well as a way to support if they choose.

No More ‘Growing Pains’

Grow real fans with giveaway pools managed by innovative

marketing pros.

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