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Giveaways made to succeed

Pros at Gratuities set your contests up for success, leaving no room for error and maximizing results.

Giveaways aren’t as simple as picking a prize and promoting. Gratuities ensures you’re always making the most of your campaigns so you can focus on brand development.

Endless pool of authentic fans

Pair with different, validated influencers each giveaway to attract new fans and keep your “pool” fresh.

Gratuities analyzes each influencer constantly to determine their fan base authenticity so you’re always matched with the best, relevant peeps and always attracting new fans.

Grow faster, better and greater

With authentic influencers, amazing non-profits and the perfect prizes ― Gratuities’ method beats all others, hands down.

“Through co-branded giveaways, has driven over 4 million actions in the last two years and acquired a constant stream of customers.”

Instagram followers

70% faster follower growth through basic giveaways

Instagram engagement

79% more engagement through partnered giveaways

Instagram comments

64x more post comments through basic giveaways

Instagram likes

3.5x more photo hearts through basic giveaways

Bring awareness to causes that matter

Shed light and drive change

Growth solutions

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Gratuities vs others

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